When I started this website, my husband urged me to STOP telling everyone everything I knew, or I would become irrelevant.  Actually, I would love for the level of code awareness in the industry to increase so much that I’m not needed any more, but so far my husband doesn’t have to worry.  A few weeks ago one of my posts was shared on Reddit and then turned up on various media sites, so that was exciting, but much of the world has a lot to learn about doors.

Many people have asked if they can share my content in their newsletters, on their blogs, or in hard copy.  In my quest to become irrelevant before I reach retirement age, I say YES!  Share this information far and wide!  I only ask that you do 3 things:

  1. If I’m the creator, reference me (Lori Greene) as the author.  If it’s content created by someone else, get in touch with me before sharing with a group.
  2. Cite the source of the material as iDigHardware by Allegion, and link back to iDigHardware.com.  If you can include a link to the Allegion website, that would be great too!
  3. Tell me what you published and where, so I can get an idea of what kind of information is being shared, and with who.  Obviously you don’t need to do this when you share a link with your coworker or your sister…just when you share it with a group of people – like in a newsletter.

To make Step 3 easier, I added a share icon at the top of the right sidebar –>

When you want to share something in the future, just click the share icon and tell me what you’re sharing.


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