Rene Solivan of Allegion sent me this photo recently.  This pair of doors leads to a courtyard within a school.  We all know about the security problems associated with a school courtyard, when free egress is required from the courtyard back into the school.

In this school it appears that by preventing access to the courtyard, the school is not required to provide free egress from the courtyard.  This is typically allowed only for small “landscape slots,” where the exterior space is used only for light and plants, with no room for occupants.  This courtyard could hold 200-300 people, and judging by the grill, the space is used.  There may be doors from classrooms or other corridor locations that allow access to the courtyard, but do not allow free egress.

WWYD?  Is this situation acceptable?  If yes, what’s the justification?  If no, what needs to change?

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