This will be my last Fixed-it Friday photo of 2016, as I’ll be taking some time off next week.  I hope the rest of you will too!  I’m planning to post my next Decoded article next week, so if you get bored while sitting around the fire (or at your desk), come and check it out.  It’s about a topic that I had to do some research on, so I could use some help to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Today’s photo came from Sheldon Wolfe of BWBR Architects. I wish I had a nickel for every storage room door like this one I’ve seen.  The flush bolts end up breaking through (as evidenced by the lovely repair to the bottom bolt area), and in this case the strike is gone too.

This pair is in a large department store, and it may be fire rated.  Although the requirement was removed from the 2009 IBC and subsequent editions, prior editions of the IBC required storage rooms over 100 square feet to have 1-hour fire barriers (typically with 45-minute doors), unless the room had a sprinkler system.  If the room was sprinklered, the doors weren’t required to be fire doors, but had to be self-closing or automatic-closing upon smoke detection, without air transfer openings or clearance in excess of the clearance allowed by NFPA 80.

Happy Holidays!  All I want for Christmas is some more Wordless Wednesday and Fixed it Friday photos, so send me what you’ve got!  😀

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