This may seem a little silly, especially to the marketing experts out there, but I have never thought of my work as “marketing.”  Maybe that’s the secret to the success of this site…you have questions, I have answers (or I do my best to find them).  Relationships develop and are maintained, over a period of years in many cases.  That’s how our industry works, although in the past these relationships were usually created in person.  Many of us are involved in sales and marketing in some form.

I don’t have a degree in marketing.  I’m a door hardware consultant who is lucky enough to work for a company that was willing to let me do an experiment 7 years ago – to see if I could help more people by putting my work online for all to find.  If my efforts lead to someone purchasing Allegion hardware, I don’t usually know about it.  My goal is to solve problems and share information about what iDH readers care about.  It’s not easy to measure the dollar-value of this type of work, so I’m grateful to be able to “do my thing” with less focus on the marketing aspect.

But in the last two weeks, iDigHardware has received kudos from several content-marketing gurus, including Robert Rose of the Content Marketing Institute.  Along with Joe Pulizzi, Robert hosts a weekly podcast called This Old Marketing, and this week’s podcast mentioned iDigHardware and the community we have created here – Robert called us a “great, wonderful, amazing community!”  If you’d like to listen, iDigHardware is mentioned at the 52-minute point.  I think it’s interesting to hear a different perspective on this resource that we have built together.  And if you’re wondering about the whole Pokemon Go craze, they talk about that in this episode too.  🙂

Thanks again for your support!  I look forward to working with you for many years to come!

This Old Marketing

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