Double Egress PairI currently have an article on BUILDINGS BUZZ…the blog for BUILDINGS, a magazine for commercial building owners and facilities management professionals.  The article covers some of the code changes that are important for end users to be aware of, so if you know of any facility managers who could benefit from this information, please forward a link to them!  Here’s an excerpt:

Managing Code-Compliant Facilities

With the lengthy list of responsibilities that facility managers have to contend with, it can be difficult to stay current with the latest changes to fire and life safety codes that can potentially impact your facility. However, over the last 10 years, changes to the building and fire codes as well as litigation resulting from preventable injuries and fatalities have prompted a renewed focus on importance of maintaining fire and egress protection, as well as ensuring accessibility for building occupants. It’s vital for builders and property managers to be familiar with the requirements affecting door openings and be proactive in addressing any shortcomings.

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