These Wordless Wednesday photos came from Alan Itzkowitz of ABI Specifications Consulting

In Alan’s words: 

“I was staying at a hotel last week in Colorado Springs, CO, and was assigned a room on the 6th floor right next to this ‘Exit’ door.  You would think it intuitive to a design professional that if there is an exit door you would want to create a flow of traffic to get the building occupants out of a building in the quickest, most direct means possible.

I wonder how the designer got away with the design of this exit.  From the corridor, it gives the impression of a normal exit door.  When you open the door, you can only go either up to the 7th floor or onto the adjacent roof.  There is no way to go down to exit the building.”

Wow.  Seems counterintuitive to me.  I’ve only had a couple of projects where the means of egress included a roof.

How about you?

Hotel Exit

Stair Door to Roof

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