When Jess Dey found this closer on eBay, I was shocked to see such a beautiful potbelly closer!  I’ve never seen a closer with decorative accents – usually architects want to hide the hardware.  As it turns out, this closer from the Standard Oil Building in San Francisco was rescued from the trash heap as a standard closer, and embellished by the seller with brass components from a light fixture – perfect for Fixed-it Friday!  Cool, right?  The eBay listing is here if you want to see more photos or add this closer to your collection.  🙂

AA Closer

AA Brass Before   Old Closer

While I was chatting with the seller about this closer, he mentioned some beautiful elevator doors from this same building that are currently for sale.  The doors were designed for the Standard Oil Company and were in use from 1970-1994.  The design represents the layers of the Earth and the oil veins between those layers, and each panel measures 8 feet x 2 feet x 2 inches thick.  Beautiful!

AA Elevator Door

AA More Panels

AA All Panels

Thank you to Jeremy Chatterton for allowing me to post these photos!

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