This question has come up before but I had not seen a good door to illustrate the issue – until today!  I spotted the hardware from the outside but because it was a lawyer’s office I didn’t plan on going in to ask if I could take a photo of their door.  Then on my way out of the building, someone came out of the lawyer’s office and I saw that it was a Von Duprin A device and I couldn’t resist.

So here’s the question…is it code-compliant to have panic hardware along with additional stationary horizontal push-bars?  Oddly enough, when I asked the receptionist for permission to take the photos, she told me that “nobody knows how to get through the door” because they don’t push on the crossbar device – they push on the stationary bars.  Personally I would have found a way to dog the panic hardware by now, but what do you think?  OK or NO WAY?


Door with Crossbars  A Device

Look what we were working on in Indianapolis today (6 more videos are in the works!)!


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