Last month I posted some information about how the IBC addresses delayed egress and controlled egress applications.  Several people asked if I would expand this to include NFPA 101, and it will be published in an upcoming issue of Doors & Hardware.  This is not as easy as you might think…sometimes I read something one way and someone else reads it another, or my wording may not be quite right.  And just looking at the same code sections for hours can make my eyes glaze over.

So here’s the deal.  I’ve officially reached the point where I can’t look at this any more without going over the edge.  I would really appreciate your help – whether you want to glance through it and look for typos, find something I haven’t explained very well, or you want to get your code books out and dig in.  For the first 10 people who find a mistake that nobody else has found, I’ll send you a $25 gift card by email (limit – one gift card per person).  Send me a list of any mistakes you find to help ensure that you have included a unique error that hasn’t already been found.  I guarantee you’ll learn something in the process!

The table is too wide for me to paste here, so you can download it by clicking this link.  Happy Hunting!

Just leave a reply below with any mistakes you find!

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