One of the interesting things about moving to another country has been figuring out where to buy things.  Batteries and 6-gallon bottles of water are sold at la papeleria (the paper store).  We can buy dog food by the kilo from open bags at the daily market, or buy full bags from the vet.  Toiletries come in small packages/bottles, or maybe we’ve just been conditioned to think that buying a pack of almost 2000 Q-Tips at BJs or Costco is normal.  And we still haven’t found lemons.  You’d think they’d grow just fine here but our produce lady, Rubina, only has limes and some green things she says are oranges.

After a few weeks we found the Mexican version of Walmart – Bodega Aurrera, which stocks some of the things we have not been able to find downtown.  We still do almost all of our shopping in the small tiendas and larger mercados, but last weekend I saw this door at la bodega.  At first glance I saw the sign and thought it had a delayed egress lock, but I’m not familiar with the alarmed panic hardware installed.  Anybody know if this is a delayed egress lock?  If it is, and if it’s functioning, I wonder why they have the back-up security method…a piece of paper taped across the door and frame that will rip to indicate that someone left the building.  The duplicate fire alarm pull stations in English and Spanish are interesting.  Also the rodent traps…  :\

Bodega Exit


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