Automatic flush bolts are notoriously problematic, especially when you add the coordinator that is needed for the opening to function properly. If you’re not familiar with automatic flush bolts, sit tight because there’s a whiteboard animation about that topic coming soon!

Jenny Pauley of Kendell Doors sent me this Fixed-it Friday photo of a non-code-compliant repair that was made because the top corner of the fire door split. This is pretty common when corner-wrap flush bolts are used, because of the amount of wood that is removed (here’s another example).

Auto Flush Bolt Repair

To avoid problems with auto flush bolts and coordinators, I recommend a two-point latch (or a latch at the head only) for each leaf whenever possible.  This allows each door to operate independently using the lever handles, and the coordinator is not required.  Schlage’s LM9200 two-point latch can be used on wood doors rated up to 45 minutes with 2-point latch, or 20 minutes with top latch only.

And in other Fixed-it Friday news, the doors in last week’s photo have been repaired!  Rachel Smith of Karpen Steel contacted the town manager and here’s a new pic!  I know it’s overwhelming to think about trying to fix every door problem we see, but what if we didn’t and tragedy occurred?  Great job Rachel!

All Fixed

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