These are not the same doors – these have a top rail instead of an HDB bracket.

I know that some of you will be able to help with this question from a contractor, who has all-glass doors with direct-hold magnets making noise when the doors close and when the mag-locks engage.  Originally, I thought he might have shear locks, which are notoriously noisy, but they are surface-mounted mag-locks, not shear locks.  The all-glass doors in question have brackets that slip over the top of the glass for the armature to attach to (HDB brackets) – I’m not sure if this affects the sound at all.

I’m thinking the closing speed/force on the closers could be adjusted to help close the doors more slowly and with less force to minimize the noise of the armature closing against the magnet, but if the engagement of the lock also makes an objectionable noise, what can be done?

If you have any ideas, leave a comment below, and thanks in advance for your help!

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