Some of you probably don’t know what frost heaves are (let alone “thundersnow” or “frostquakes”) but here in the Northeast we’ve been struggling with a winter for the record books.  In a span of 11 school days my kids only had school on 3 days; I am desperately waiting to see the first robin brave enough to risk flying into the deep freeze and bringing spring along with it.

We have lots of doors out of commission.  My question for you is what should be done about them?  In the Wordless Wednesday photos below, one door is stuck partially open and the other pair has been taken out of commission.  How do you balance the life safety requirements with the feasibility of addressing problems that will probably last for several more weeks if not longer?

winter 4a  winter 5a

winter 2a  winter 1a

Don’t forget to clear the snow and ice from your egress routes!

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