There is one more online class in the series of four that I’m teaching on behalf of the Door & Hardware Institute – this Wednesday, February 18th, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Eastern.  I’ll be covering the code requirements pertaining to electrified hardware:

  • DHIdelayed egress locks
  • electromagnetic locks released by a sensor
  • electromagnetic locks released by door-mounted hardware
  • controlled egress locks in health care occupancies
  • locking of elevator lobby doors
  • electric latch retraction devices on fire doors
  • stairwell reentry

The last 3 editions of the IBC and NFPA 101 have included many changes to the sections that affect electrified hardware.  Did you know that the activation time for delayed egress locks has changed in the 2015 IBC?  Or that the 2015 IBC does not have a section called Access Controlled Egress Doors?

The last Decoded class had almost 500 people registered!  Let’s break that record!

To register for Class 4, click here.  The classes are free for DHI members, and $25/class for non-members.  Each class is eligible for 5 CEP points for participants in DHI’s Continuing Education Program.

If you missed Class 1 (Introduction & Accessibility), Class 2 (Fire Door Assemblies), or Class 3 (Life Safety and Egress) and you are a member of DHI, you can view the recordings for free by accessing the members-only DHInteractiv system.  Your DHI member login and password are required for DHInteractiv. Once you login, click the Members Only tab, then click on Resources on the left to access the webinar archive. If you need assistance logging in or accessing the archive, contact or call 703–222-2010.  More information about finding the course in the archive is here.

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