I really love this restaurant, but every time I go I wonder if someone approved this egress arrangement or it just sorta happened as they were hanging the drapes.  It’s a fairly small restaurant but I’m guessing it has an occupant load of just over 50.  Excuse the romantic mood lighting…I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by using the flash.

I have sat at a long table in front of this former exit for several large group meals.  Notice the Fixed-it Friday exit sign:

Italian Restaurant 1a

To reach the main entrance / exit, you go behind the table in the background, through the opening in the curtains far left, past the hostess stand in the little vestibule, and to the door under the exit sign:

Italian Restaurant 3a

And to reach the second exit, you go between the bar (left) and open kitchen (right), through the opening in the curtain, and out the door:

Italian Restaurant 2a

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