Last month I spent a long weekend in Burlington, Vermont, and of course I came home with some door photos to share.

I’m pretty sure most arched door closers are an afterthought:

Arched Door  Arched Door Closer

These pulls probably wouldn’t be considered accessible, but they’re definitely unusual and ornate!

Beautiful Pulls


Lock Guard

A beautiful pull plate on this record store…

Record Store Pull

Pull Top  Pull Bottom

Another pull…simple, but beautiful:

Door Pull  Pull Detail

Interesting modification to the standard door pulls on this sporting goods store…

Ski Pulls  Ski Pull

I’m not crazy about the hold-open method though…

Ski Bungee

I love this door, even though it seems out of place in Vermont.  Maybe that’s why I love it.

Burlington Door

Have you seen any interesting doors in your summer travels?

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