I think I’ve mentioned before, I love working with our specwriter apprentices.  They may not know much about hardware on Day 1, but they make up for it with their enthusiasm and the ability to absorb information (I lost that a long time ago).  They don’t have any baggage, they don’t go off on a tangent talking about how things were in the Olden Days, and they have no problem sitting in a classroom soaking it all in.  I especially love taking them on field trips and pointing out hardware in its natural habitat.  They even tolerate me when I make them do a scavenger hunt for various types of hardware in an art museum, or throw tea overboard in a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party so I can show them a complicated egress plan.  I’m excited to meet this year’s group soon!

Since I’m one of their first connections in the hardware world, I’m one of the go-to people for some of their questions (like when a duckling hatches and bonds with the first thing it sees).  They know that I won’t judge them if they ask a rookie question, and of course I’m always looking for photos and they’re a great source.

Eric Paul, one of the Allegion specwriter apprentices, sent me today’s Fixed-it Friday photo wondering how this closer is mounted and I’m at a loss for answers.  Maybe I should have saved it for Wordless Wednesday.  It’s attached somehow because the door is functional.  I’m sure one of you has done something like this before.  Glue?  Double-sided tape?  Magic?  Help me help Eric out!  🙂

Closer Mounted on Glass

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