There may be more to this story but as it is currently being reported in the news, the mother of a child with special needs received a frantic phone call from her son’s teacher because her son was panicking.  The mother rushed to the school, was “buzzed in” the front door because she is a known parent, and spoke briefly to a teacher who asked what was wrong.  The mother ran directly to the classroom to calm her son, and was then approached by the principal who told her that she had already called the police to report an unauthorized entry to the school.  Because the mother did not stop to sign the book when she entered the school, she was arrested on trespassing charges and the school was put on lock-down for a short period.

Mom Reportedly Arrested After Failing To Sign In At School’s Front Desk – Huffington Post
Mother ARRESTED and school put on lockdown after she’s called to pick up special needs son but doesn’t sign in – Daily Mail

What do you think?  Did the school overreact, considering that the parent was known to staff?  Or should adherence to security plans be a zero-tolerance policy?

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