And you might be the one getting a birthday present! 

Wow – time flies when you’re having fun!  Who would have thought I would have 5 years’ worth of door-related stuff to write about?  Or that so many of you would still be listening??

http://www.kapruka.com/shops/deliveryProductPreview.jsp?id=cake00KA00202&type=cakesWhen I first had the idea to start the site my manager agreed to it because a) it didn’t cost anything except some of my late-night time, and b) he doesn’t like to say “no” to me (who does?).  Nobody expected that the site would grow to be the resource that it is.  Thank you for that!

Here are some stats…

  • I have published 952 posts on the site, and 63 pages (some of which are accessed by the tabs at the top).
  • 36 of my blog posts have been published as my monthly column in Doors & Hardware magazine.  Additional articles have appeared in Construction Specifier, Locksmith Ledger, and Life Safety Digest (all of the articles are listed on the articles tab).
  • 4,667 comments have been left on my blog posts – I moderate each comment and respond to many.  Additional comments are left on blog links posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • There are 3,834 photos on the site, and many have been tagged so they can be found using the image search feature (there’s an orange link in the right sidebar for future reference).
  • The Door & Hardware forum on TheBuildingCodeForum.com – a discussion group for AHJs, has had 149 individual discussion threads, and thousands of views (there’s an orange link in the sidebar for this too – “Ask an AHJ”).
  • The site currently has 14,000-15,000 visits per month, from all over the world.
  • And the statistic that I’m most surprised about and grateful for – there are currently 989 subscribers!  Almost 1,000 people who are willing to receive an email each time I post something new (4-5 times per week)!  Ok – I know some of you don’t read each and every email, but someone told me the other day that he actually looks forward to receiving them!  I really appreciate this validation that the information I’m posting is valuable to you!  (you can subscribe here)

So here’s how you can have a chance to win a 5th birthday present from iDigHardware.  Send me a photo of a door or hardware that you think readers would find interesting.  It could be a code problem, a special application, something unusual or beautiful (but door-related).  Each photo you send will earn you one entry into a drawing for 1 of 5 Amazon gifts cards worth $50 each!  So clean out your stash and send me an email or use the Submit a Photo link in the right sidebar.  You have until Friday, February 28th at midnight.  GO!

And just so you’re not disappointed that you came to visit and didn’t learn something…here’s a photo quiz, sent to me by David Barbaree of St. Vrain Valley School District What’s wrong with this picture?

Thru Bolts

Here’s a hint, but you have to look very close…


UPDATE: The problem here is that the installer drilled the holes for the closers as a mirror image, but that’s not what the 4040XP template shows.  When he realized the problem, he stuck the thru-bolts in the empty holes and used the wood screws to attach the closer.

Cake Photo:  Kapruka Cakes

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