BUILDINGS BUZZI always enjoy having a chance to work with facility managers to make sure they’re up to date on what’s new in my world – whether it’s a new product or a recent code change.  I often answer specific questions and help with product applications one-on-one, but I really appreciate the opportunity to connect with them en masse.

I currently have a post on BUILDINGS BUZZ…the blog for BUILDINGS, a magazine for commercial building owners and facilities management professionals.  It includes an introduction to some of the recent code changes that affect door openings, many of which are critical for the safety of building occupants.  More information about each of the topics mentioned is available on a page I set up on iDigHardware, for BUILDINGS BUZZ readers who want to learn more.

Please check it out (you can even give it a rating!) and if you know any facility managers who would benefit from this information, forward the link along to them!

Click here to visit BUILDINGS BUZZ!

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