At the risk of sounding like a hardware nerd, I’ll admit that I think door closers are really cool.  Most of the people walking around in the world don’t give them a second thought.  But on Monday, July 29th, between 9:35 and 9:45 pm EDT, LCN Closers will be profiled on The Fox Business Network in the “Manufacturing Marvels” series.  The two-minute profile will spotlight the LCN brand, its products and its commitment to quality, and hopefully make more people aware of what an important purpose door closers serve.

As those of us in the hardware industry know, LCN has been manufacturing door closers and automatic operators since 1880.  Where would we be today if L.C.Norton didn’t slam that closet door at Boston’s Trinity Church and come up with the idea for the first door closer?  A closer helps to improve security by reliably closing and latching the door, ensures that fire doors are closed and latched to prevent the spread of smoke and flames, and controls the door to prevent damage and injuries.

Tune in on Monday when the rest of the world realizes what a marvel door closers can be!

Or if you’d like to read some door closer history, refer back to the series I posted which came straight from L.C.Norton himself:

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