This post did start out as a Wordless Wednesday post but I got a little carried away. 

I have recently found myself in several places that are not my usual hang-outs…a roller skating rink, a ski lodge, and a laser tag toxic waste dump.  I think I should get some extra-credit Mom Points, especially for roller skating – oh yes I did.  I was thinking about whether it would be a Workman’s Comp claim if I fell while taking photos for the blog, but luckily my inner 7th-grader remembered how to stay vertical on skates.

I’ll give the skating rink credit – they would not let anyone congregate in front of the “fire exit” from the rink itself, but this door (near the snack bar) cracked me up.  Anyone want to take a guess at what caused the need for all the instructional signage?


Use Other Door

This door was at the main entrance.  Do NOT hold this door open under ANY circumstances!

Exit  Hold Open

The restaurant at the main ski lodge had pretty good egress doors, although our table of 6 women celebrating a weekend away from home was blocking the path to the door.  I’m still wondering why the panic bar was cut short but I guess we’ll never know.  Maybe someone’s misguided clear opening width measurement.  And if you’re thinking that I need a new phone – with a flash, you’re right!

The good news about this building is that it’s going to be torn down.  It is an Assembly space that will hold at least 200 people, and every door had some sort of antiquated surface bolt on it.

I think the laser tag toxic waste dump (hopefully it wasn’t real toxic waste) did a good job with their egress route marking.  At least better than the other toxic waste dumps I’ve visited.  What do you think?

Laser Tag

Laser Tag 1  Laser Tag

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