Am I the only one bothered by this?  Probably.

I’m still at the CONSTRUCT show in Phoenix, so if you’re here stop by booth #739 before noon to visit.  I have a few cookies left.

I saw this bank of doors as soon as I entered my hotel, and the armatures caught my eye.  I had to stop and check out what was going on.  The magnetic holders are ceiling mounted – two wall magnets on an junction box, mounted on a piece of wood.  The holders are also acting as the door stops, so when I opened one door the holder assembly moved when I tried to mate the armature with the magnet.  The armature was at an odd angle so it wouldn’t sit flush on the magnet, and it’s too high to reach to adjust it.  If the application wasn’t aesthetically-unpleasing enough, the doors at each end of the bank of doors have magnets mounted on the wall at a different height than the ceiling mounted ones, so the armatures are at two different heights.

I think I would have gone with the application I’ve mentioned before – an LCN 4040-SEH holder with a closer that has a built-in stop.  Any other ideas?

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