Here’s a little something to enjoy with your morning coffee.  Most of us are aware of the requirement for egress doors to be able to be unlocked/unlatched without a key, tool, or special knowledge or effort, but sometimes this requirement is overlooked, especially when hardware is retrofitted on an existing door.

The electromagnetic lock in this video (it looks like an ATM vestibule) was apparently installed without the required door-mounted release device or motion sensor and push button combination.  The motion sensor would not be a great application for a small vestibule like this because anyone moving within the vestibule could unintentionally unlock the door and allow someone to enter.  It’s possible that the installer omitted the motion sensor for this reason, and just installed a push button which was not noticed by the man trying to leave the vestibule (I’m just guessing).

I’d say this one took some extra effort.

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