Here are some of the lock shops I visited while shopping for the locks in this post.

This is the shop at the Glaoui Kasbah in Telouet where I bought the wood lock:

Some more wood locks for sale there:

This shop in Marrakech where I bought the camel bag lock had a wide variety of “antiquities” (as his sign stated), and the proprietor rattled each item off as he pointed to it.

Here is his stock of old keys, next to bracelets worn by slaves to show who their owner was.  🙁

He also had this old lock, but no key:

This shop, also in Marrakech, sold modern locks and decorative items:

I also visited several locksmiths.  This one was so nice about answering all of my questions, and so surprised and happy when I brought him his photo the next day:

This is the “hardware store” at the weekly market (souk) outside of town:

And here’s a locksmith who was closed when we passed by:

You can even buy doors (I didn’t)!

This price tag converts to a little less than $12,000:

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