I just love when I ask a question and some of you actually answer me.  Following up on yesterday’s post about “The World’s Heaviest Door“, here are a few more big doors:

From Nathan Langley of Phillips-Langley & Associates (check out their blog!), some big doors manufactured by Electric Power Door and installed at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Each door is 10 feet wide x 20 feet tall.

From Chris Bird of Dillard Door & Entrance Control, some big doors (and Chris for scale) at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.  These doors separate the valet area from a utility alley.

Charles Anderson, from the Euless, Texas Fire Marshal’s Office told me about these blast doors at the Cheyenne Mountain complex in Colorado.  Each door weighs 25 tons.

There’s an interesting article about the complex here, and check out the video of how the door opens:

These doors have to be some of the tallest doors in the world.  They are 456 feet tall!  They’re located at the Vehicle Assembly Building at Cape KennedyHere’s an article about the restoration of the doors in 2009.

And if you’re not sick of big stuff, check out the world’s biggest padlock, biggest door latch, biggest key, and more (I’m getting some ideas for my next road trip!) on the Locksmiths-R-Us blog.

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