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Aug 30 2012

Is this still the World’s Heaviest Door?

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Brenda Dove of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies spotted this door on the website, where they feature a new energy-related photo each week.  In 1979, this was the world’s heaviest door, weighing in at 97,000 pounds.  I wonder if it still holds the record.  Seen any big doors lately?

Caption from  For 35 years, the Energy Department has pursued an all-of-the-above energy strategy — and the critical work done at the National Labs has helped put America at the top of the global clean energy race. This photo from 1979 shows a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employee opening the world’s heaviest hinged door, which was eight feet thick, nearly twelve feet wide, and weighed 97,000 pounds. A special bearing in the hinge allowed a single person to open or close the concrete-filled door, which was used to shield the Rotating Target Neutron Source-II (RTNS-II) — the world’s most intense source of continuous fusion neutrons. Scientists from around the world used it to study the properties of metals and other materials that could be used deep inside fusion power plants envisioned for the next century. | Photo courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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7 Responses to “Is this still the World’s Heaviest Door?”

  1. Vincent says:

    Wow – 97,000 pounds and only two hinges.
    What happens when someone opens the door too fast – what will it crash into?
    The door bolts must be heavily camouflaged, because I didn’t see them.

  2. Cda says:

    Would have thought Cheyenne mountain would have been bigger

    So finely tuned
    When entering the complex, everyone has to go through two sets of the giant blast doors. Though they weigh 25 tons, they’re “so finely tuned,” Gentry said, that even just two people should be able to swing them shut or open.

  3. Jerry Richmond, AHC/CDC says:

    Impressive door, but I’ll bet it’s not ADA compliant!

    (I’m kidding of course.)

    I’ll bet it cost a “ton” of money as well!

  4. Fred says:

    This may be the heaviest swing door in existence. Dubai Studio City has a four piece sliding door that is 90′ wide x 50′ tall and weighs 800,000 pounds. Lockheed-Martin in Sunnyvale, CA has a single piece sliding door that weighs 366,000 pounds.

  5. Justin says:

    I believe the world’s heaviest door is currently in Japan at the National Institution for Fusion Science. It’s 720 metric tonnes, and 2 meters thick. It’s basically a radiation shielding door.

  6. sam w says:

    740 Ton sliding missle silo top door in Tuscon Arizona which holds the Titan 2 ICBM missles.

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