In the last month there have been almost 8,000 visits to iDigHardware…about a 30% increase over the same period last year.  That’s so exciting!!  I was helping out with a class today (Preparing for a Fire Door Inspection taught by Jeff Tock of Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies), and several people mentioned that they were frequent visitors to the site.  One told me that I “got him hooked on Doors & Hardware magazine” (when was the last time you heard that?).  During the class I received an email that cracked me up, which read in part:

“I happened upon your site about 6-8 months ago, when I was looking info up on door hardware. I work for a firm that does a large amount of work for hospitals. Therefore, you can understand the myriad of door and hardware issues we face; clients wanting to do more with a door than it is originally intended to. Your site and links have proven to be an invaluable resource for me. I have, in a way, become the door and hardware “expert” in our office, although I have much to learn. You have become my hardware “sensei”…I am but your humble student.

When I can snatch the brushed chrome, storeroom lockset from your hand, only then will I be able to leave the dojo….”

I love it!  The amazing thing is that this email was from an architect.  Architects are supposed to HATE hardware!  My world is spinning off its axis!  😀

So, it’s been a good day in iDigHardwareLand.  But I think it can get better.  There are still people out there who haven’t stumbled upon the site.  People who love hardware, hate hardware, or feel ambivalent about it.  A carpenter who wants to know how to adjust his 1932 LCN door closers (more on that soon), a fire marshal looking for information about fire door inspection, or an architect wondering what a pocket pivot looks like installed.  Currently the visits are split almost exactly in half between new and returning visitors, so there are new people finding the site every day.

I would love to reach 10,000 visits per month, but I need your help.  If you have coworkers or industry pals who might find iDigHardware helpful, please drop them an email and invite them to visit.  For all of my Ingersoll Rand compañeros, and anyone else who does training and would like to share the site as a resource, there are now postcards with the website information available.  You can use them at trade shows, lunch-n-learns…just drop me an email and let me know how many you’d like.

Thank you all for joining the conversation, and for those of you who were following the discussion about access control on sliding doors, I have updated that post with a proposed solution so check it out.  I am headed to Miami Beach for the IAPSC conference next week, and will be dropping the kids off at Grandma & Grampa’s on the way, so if you’re in Florida and see a crazy lady taking pictures of doors, come over and say hi (it will really freak me out the first time that happens!).


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