Is it my imagination or do most architects wait until the last possible moment to ask for help with their hardware specifications?  Why is that??  My theory is that most of them hate hardware so much that they can’t bear to look at it or think about it until it’s almost too late.  I feel the same way about my taxes.  Nope, I haven’t done them yet.  I wonder if H&R Block will take good care of me when I call on April 14th.

I get emergency calls from architects every single week.  I just got one today…they’d like the hardware spec by Wednesday, the building standards are a product line I’m not familiar with, and tomorrow morning I’m headed to Delaware with my entire spec team for training that will last the rest of the week.  Oh – and I’m one of the trainers.  No problem!  Don’t get me wrong…I’m happy to get the calls, but the hardware emergencies can be tough to juggle.

It doesn’t have to be this way any longer!  We’ve now made it very easy for architects and specifiers to get the help they need!  There is an area of the Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies website that was created specifically with architects and specifiers in mind, and by following the Write a Spec link, you can contact a specwriter and ask a question or have us write the specification for you.  It’s like the Bat-Phone for hardware help!

There’s a wealth of useful information on the site too…

If there’s something else you’d like to see, just tell us!  And don’t put it off any longer – contact a specwriter!

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