It is a building in Norrköping, Sweden, which was attached to another building that burned down.  The fire doors in the photo (and the wall, and of course the valiant efforts of the firefighters) prevented the fire from spreading to this building.  The building in which the fire started was very close to the Norrköping VisualizationCenter, so containing the fire was critical.  If the fire had been allowed to spread unchecked to the adjacent building, it may have grown out of control and spread further.

Coincidentally, there have been many stories in the news lately about fire doors slowing/stopping the spread of smoke and flames:

Some West Valley apartment residents forced to flee fire through windows – Deseret News – 1/29/12
“It’s an amazing difference a closed door makes,” Fitzgerald said. “That door, even those hollow-core doors, will hold a fire for 10 minutes or so from breaking out. You can fight it in one room rather than just let it spread.”

Smoking Material Causes House Fire in Southwest Great Falls – KFBB – 1/28/12
“Not only should you keep your door closed at night in case of a fire,” said Great Falls Asst. Fire Chief Doug Bennyhoff, “but when you sleep at night you should always keep your door closed because your door protects you from death basically. It doesn’t eliminate it 100% but it does help keep the fire away from you.”

Residents flee apartment blaze – News-Press – 1/29/12
Apartments where the door was closed as people left had very little smoke damage, while those with an open door were filled with smoke that blackened everything.

Chantry Court fire is arson – Bridlington Free Press – 1/31/12
Firefighters have said the design of the building and its fire door protection prevented the spread of the fire to neighbouring rooms which only suffered minor smoke damage.

Clallam County firefighters douse one-room blaze near Port Angeles – Peninsula Daily News – 1/11/12
Phillips said Barr had the presence of mind to close the bedroom door where the fire started, exit the home and phone 9-1-1.  “Tyler’s quick, calm action and his clear thinking to close the door reduced the amount of oxygen to the fire, helping to keep it in the room of origin,” Phillips said.

Suspicious Apartment Fire Worries Resident – Keloland – 1/11/12
Residents say they know the situation could have been much worse. But just a few feet away from where the fire was started are doors, which are closed just in case a fire breaks out. That helped limit the fire damage to the stairwell area.

Closing the door on fire danger – South Yorkshire Police – 1/25/12
Giorgia Hansel-Hides from Kiveton Park in Sheffield had been taught in school by SYFR about the importance of closing doors in the home to prevent the spread of fires.  Her careful actions following the visit meant that when a fire started in her home, caused by a candle left burning in the lounge, her bedroom was the only room not to suffer from significant smoke damage.

Stapenhill fire victim ‘had tackled blaze’ – BBC News – 1/31/12
The service said if a fire occurred people should close the door to the room concerned, if it was safe to do so, then get out or, if that was not possible, go to a safe area of the property and call firefighters.

Fire Safety:  How to make a family escape plan – Easton Courier – 1/29/12

Everybody should close their bedroom doors when going to bed at night. If there is a fire, a closed door will keep smoke out of the bedroom.
Thank you to Anvariel (via Flickr) for allowing me to post this photo.

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