I’m in San Antonio, Texas at a beautiful hotel and conference center for our annual sales meeting, and there are A LOT of doors with mag-locks.  Check out the coordination of the bank of pairs below…concealed closers, overhead stops, and mag-locks all coexisting in the same space.  Notice that the mag-locks have a split armature to save space vs. a double-magnet.  Every pair has a motion sensor, a push button, and a key switch, presumably for locking and unlocking the mag-lock.  I would not typically specify a separate key switch for each opening in a bank of doors, but nobody asked me.

And while we’re on the subject of mag-locks, how about another quiz question?  You can enter the monthly drawing every time I post a new question and the drawing registration doesn’t give me your quiz results, so go for it!

The ceiling above one of the sets of escalators has gorgeous art glass hanging from it.  Feast your eyes…

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