We headed to Ogunquit, Maine for Father’s Day…Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

There are plenty of picturesque doors in Ogunquit, with narrow pairs being a very common sight.

After a brief thunderstorm we saw two rainbows!  Here’s one of them.

Another example of obstructed egress in a restaurant…

While I was trying to take a picture of the deadbolt along with the panic device, my oldest daughter stuck her head into the shot.  She was so excited that the cylinder said Lori on it.  It has become a game for the kids to figure out why I’m taking a photo of a door…she noticed that this door didn’t have a closer which I thought was pretty observant.  The deadbolt wasn’t locked, by the way.

A couple more narrow pairs (and Kidzilla accidentally shoplifting)…

This sign is on the door next to Kidzilla…the doors are obviously left in the closed (but unlocked) position in inclement weather.  They should be changed so that one leaf is of a code-compliant width.

This door is missing something…the signage that says “This door to remain unlocked when building is occupied.

This is how US10B finish is eventually supposed to look.  Unfortunately everyone seems to hate the in-between stage.

There’s probably a rule against mounting a handrail on a wobbly door…

The beach at dusk:

These push bars are mounted at unusual heights, but they’re actually at the perfect locations to protect against carts and give a natural place for people to push.  The door’s still getting trashed though.

I can’t believe I actually woke up before sunrise.

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