I saw this keypad lockset in a rest area on the Jersey Turnpike recently.  Can you identify it?
Is it a Schlage AD-Series or a CO-Series?

<—Here’s a hint.  While there are plenty of differences “under the hood,” there are 3 physical differences to look for when you’re trying to determine whether a Schlage electronic lockset is an AD-Series or CO-Series:

a) The AD has round buttons and the CO has square buttons.

b) The exterior trim has arched lines on the cover plate near the lever.  On the AD there are 2 parallel lines on each side and the area in the center is textured.  On the CO there is one line on each side and the cover plate is not textured.

c) On the egress side of the door, the AD is a 1-piece unit and the CO has a lever and rose with a separate housing for the electronics above.

The biggest difference between the two products is that the credential type and network communication modules for the AD-Series can be upgraded or changed in the future, while the CO-Series can not.  For example, an AD-Series lock that was originally supplied as an off-line keypad lock can be changed to a wireless lock with a proximity reader in the future – without removing the lock from the door.  If a CO-Series lockset is supplied as an offline keypad lock, it will always be an offline keypad lock.

Here are a couple of handy charts to help illustrate the differences between the various models and series:

There’s much more information on our website, and if you’d like some training on the AD-Series and CO-Series locks, we offer several online courses.  Just click here, log in, and check out the available topics.  There are also more than 25 videos on the SchlageAD YouTube channel, covering all aspects of installing and programming the products.

Bill from Access Hardware Supply even made his own video about the Schlage AD-Series!

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