I was pleasantly surprised to open my June issue of the Construction Specifier this morning, and find an article called “Architectural Hardware Specifications,” by Joseph D. Calvert, CSI, CDT, AHC of Calvert Independent Hardware Specifications.  The article does a great job of explaining the value of an AHC.  Joe describes the coordination that we manage between various trades, the complex hardware sets and riser diagrams that we produce for openings with electrified hardware, and the detailed analysis that we perform when creating the hardware sets and reviewing the submittal – including the required function, durability, codes, and aesthetic requirements.

I fully agree with Joe’s assessment that a hardware specification is something that should be paid for, not a free service.  We’re professionals, offering a valuable service…the “good old days” when writing the spec meant that you were pretty much guaranteed to supply the hardware are long gone.

You can read Joe’s article online until the next issue is published, and if you’re a CSI member you’ll be able to access it in the archives later on.  Just follow this link, click the cover of the magazine on the left-hand side, and go to page 14.

UPDATE:  Here is a link directly to the article, which should stay active even after the issue is archived: Architectural Hardware Specifications, by Joseph D. Calvert, CSI, CDT, AHC

And just for fun…I created this video as a Ingersoll Rand contest entry to show how our employees are making the world a better place.  I didn’t win, but I enjoyed making it and for any of you who wonder what a hardware consultant does, here’s your answer:


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