The 2010 Fire Code of New York State requires fire doors to be maintained in accordance with NFPA 80, and references the 2007 edition of that standard (Chapter 45 – Referenced Standards).  The 2007 edition of NFPA 80 requires fire door assemblies to be inspected annually as part of the maintenance requirements, so by referencing NFPA 80-2007 for maintenance of fire doors, an annual inspection of these assemblies is required.

Here is the text from the 2010 Fire Code of New York State:


703.1 Maintenance. The required fire-resistance rating of fire-resistance-rated construction (including walls, firestops, shaft enclosures, partitions, smoke barriers, floors, fire-resistive coatings and sprayed fire-resistant materials applied to structural members and fire-resistant joint systems) shall be maintained. Such elements shall be properly repaired, restored or replaced when damaged, altered, breached or penetrated. Openings made therein for the passage of pipes, electrical conduit, wires, ducts, air transfer openings and holes made for any reason shall be protected with approved methods capable of resisting the passage of smoke and fire. Openings through fire-resistance-rated assemblies shall be protected by self- or automatic-closing doors of approved construction meeting the fire protection requirements for the assembly.

703.1.1 Fireblocking and draftstopping. Required fireblocking and draftstopping in combustible concealed spaces shall be maintained to provide continuity and integrity of the construction.

703.1.2 Smoke barriers. Required smoke barriers shall be maintained to prevent the passage of smoke and all openings protected with approved smoke barrier doors or smoke dampers.

703.2 Opening protectives. Opening protectives shall be maintained in an operative condition in accordance with NFPA 80. Fire doors and smoke barrier doors shall not be blocked or obstructed or otherwise made inoperable. Fusible links shall be replaced promptly whenever fused or damaged. Fire door assemblies shall not be modified.

703.2.1 Signs. Where required by the code enforce-ment official, a sign shall be permanently displayed on or near each fire door in letters not less than 1 inch (25 mm) high to read as follows:

1. For doors designed to be kept normally open: FIRE DOOR—DO NOT BLOCK.

2. For doors designed to be kept normally closed: FIRE DOOR—KEEP CLOSED.

703.2.2 Hold-open devices and closers. Hold-open devices and automatic door closers, where provided, shall be maintained. During the period that such device is out of service for repairs, the door it operates shall remain in the closed position.

703.2.3 Door operation. Swinging fire doors shall close from the full-open position and latch automatically. The door closer shall exert enough force to close and latch the door from any partially open position.

If you know of a jurisdiction within the state of New York that is enforcing fire door inspections, please leave a comment.

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