It’s been a long time since I’ve posted one of these “quiz” photos but I want to see if you’ve been paying attention. This pair is at the Hoover Dam…right near the touchpad devices with the carpet modification. So, take a good look and leave a comment telling me what the problem is. I’ll hold the correct answers to give everyone a couple days to think about it.

UPDATE: Lots of you have been paying attention – yay!  These are balanced doors, and although it’s possible that the clear opening width is an issue (the doors are very tall so it’s hard to judge), what I was going for was the use of a crossbar exit device on a balanced door.  I demonstrated the issue to my compañeros…if you push on the end of the device that’s toward the hinge, the door won’t budge.  I covered this requirement a while back so you can check out the code excerpts here. Thanks to everyone who left comments!


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