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Feb 18 2011

Carpet (Touch)Pad

I’m in Las Vegas for a meeting that starts in a couple of days, and I’m pretty sure I could find enough cool and creative doors here to last me for a few months. Today we visited Red Rock Canyon (not a lot of doors there), the Hoover Dam (more doors there than you’d think), and a weirdly beautiful building by Frank Gehry. Since I’m blogging from an iPad which is not that easy, I’ll post some quick photos and save the longer posts for when I get home next week.

The visitors’ center at the Hoover Dam has an exterior area that’s surrounded by a fence. To provide egress from the area, they installed a revolving turnstile and a pair of storefront doors. The closer I got to the storefront doors, the more obvious it became that someone had gotten creative with hardware again. So I ask you – why? Ideas?

UPDATE: Check out the comments for the answer to the carpet question…apparently the sun is a lot hotter in Nevada than in New England.

11 Responses to “Carpet (Touch)Pad”

  1. Jeff Tock says:

    The touchbar must get awfully hot and the carpet is for protection.

  2. Wayne Ficklin says:

    They put the carpet on there because the metal gets very hot in the summer. So hot that it will burn skin. If you spend enough time here you’d see something similar on a lot of doors. If you didn’t guess, I’m from Vegas.

    • Lori says:

      This supports my theory that I should travel the world looking for creative hardware solutions…on the company’s dime, of course! :-). I have never seen carpet on a touchpad and neither had my 2 compadres…then again, we hardly ever see panics outside where they can get hot. Sounds like an opportunity for a new optional touchpad…not a big seller I guess, but the next big idea is out there somewhere.

      Thanks Jeff and Wayne!

  3. Thomas L. Norman, CPP/PSP/CSC says:

    Did anybody else notice that the “Exit Only” sign is on the wrong side of the door? Or is it the hardware?

    • Lori says:

      The sign is on the pull side to tell people they can’t enter that way. I guess the people exiting are supposed to already know that they can’t come back in.

  4. Steve Hornyak says:

    Man, that must be one hot Von Duprin, literally !

  5. Bill Lawliss says:

    Because they couldn’t afford hardwood flooring.

  6. Mike says:

    You will see a lot of regular door pulls covered with heavy fabric or carpet for the same reason. Especially on South and West facing openings. Those door pulls get so hot that touching them will blister your fingers instantly.

  7. Lindsey says:

    Interesting! Maybe they can make that a VD special. Hope you all are having fun and the meeting is going well!

  8. Roger Black says:

    I actually recommended the same “fix” to an engineer at the Wash Hilton in DC. New storefront doors serving as egress from a large patio. They are “too hot to handle” in the summer!

    • Lori says:

      I guess I’ve been living under a rock, or in New England where we don’t have enough sun to heat up our hardware. 🙂

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