Who says hardware can’t be romantic?!  In honor of Valentines Day, I present to you a tradition that began in the 1980s in Pécs, Hungary (or maybe in Italy depending on which version of the story you believe), and has spread to cities across the globe.  It seems that sweethearts are attaching padlocks to bridges, statues, fences, and other structures to express their love.  My pragmatic side wonders whether the structures can handle the extra weight of this quantity of padlocks, and whether people go back and take their padlock off when they break up, but since it’s Valentines Day I’ll just let you all feel the love.

If you can’t bear the thought of parting with a perfectly good padlock, you can hang a virtual padlock in a variety of locations for a nominal fee by visiting www.thelovegrid.com.  I am in no way affiliated with the Love Grid, so don’t hold me responsible if the object of your affection isn’t impressed by your V-Day gift of a virtual padlock.

You can see plenty of other love padlock locations on Buzzfeed, and while I was researching this post I realized that Schlage is having a “7 Days of Love” promotion, which I think you should all go register for so someone starts to wonder where the extra traffic is coming from.  Enter the contest daily until February 15th on Schlage.com!

Thanks to my pal Jeremy Bass for exposing his romantic side by sending me the idea for this post.  🙂

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