I recently received this photo from Michael Wojnarowski of Builders Hardware, and it reminded me of a Powerpoint presentation I ran across a while back.  The presentation was created by the Anne Arundel County Fire Marshal Division – Code Enforcement Bureau, and the topic is Maverick Bars.

I don’t think the security bars in this photo (black horizontal bars top & bottom) are the same brand as the ones in the presentation, but the idea is the same.  One difference is that the bars in this photo appear to have a padlock in the center, which I’m guessing prevents the removal of the bar without a key.

The idea is that these bars would be installed for added security when the building is not occupied.  In my opinion, this is very likely to create an egress problem because procedures for the removal of the bars when the building is occupied may not be followed.  The bars in the photo have obviously remained installed so long that this corner has become a storage area rather than an egress path.

I think the presentation does a great job of discussing a specific occupancy (a Best Buy store) where the fire marshal made a plan for the use of of these devices and entered into an agreement with the facility.  I won’t reinvent the wheel…just get a cup of coffee and watch the presentation.

Thanks for the photo, Michael!

I just realized that this is the 333rd post that I’ve published on this blog!  That seems like a lucky number!

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