There have been lots of changes around here in the last few months…we moved the site to a new server and a new URL, and things seem to be running smoothly.  We’ve added an archive in the sidebar, and reformatted the search results pages and the category index pages to match.  My coworker, Lindsey Weiss, has spent many hours checking each post for broken links and posts that were missing the 2009 code excerpts, as well as updating the photo gallery.  She’s in the process of checking the categories assigned to each post, so the correct posts show up on each category index page.  I’m very grateful to Lindsey for helping me clean up my act, and for Creekside Systems for working behind the scenes.  I hope these changes will help you find things and navigate around on the site more easily.

As of last week I have also started posting links to news articles, discussion threads, photos and random items of interest on the blog’s Facebook Fan Page and also on Twitter.  You can connect with me via either one of those services as well as LinkedIn, subscribe to the blog by email (see sidebar), or get an RSS feed.  All of these things will make it easier for you to hear from me, but I LOVE to hear from YOU!  You can leave a comment on a specific post, or use the “Feedback” button in the sidebar to leave me a general message.  You can also comment on the Facebook Fan Page or talk to me on Twitter.  And of course, you can email me photos of strange stuff you see in your travels.  If you have a hardware emergency, you can even call me.

So what’s next?  What resources would help to address your code questions or technical application needs?  Please fill out the quick poll below (multiple selections allowed) and tell me!

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