Deer Stand As I said in my last post, I’m on vacation and I just spent a long weekend in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  We’re lucky to have friends who own a little piece of heaven and let us come to visit on occasion.  I spent the weekend taking naps, watching the kids swim in the pond, and going on photo safaris in the woods, with no intentions of looking for doors or coming up with an interesting blog post.

That is, until I came upon the Taj Mahal of deer stands in the woods this morning.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term “deer stand,” it’s where the hunters hang out during hunting season while they wait for a deer to wander by.  I’m sorry if any of you are against deer hunting but I grew up in Vermont and for a lot of families it put food on the table (and in the freezer).

Anyway, while we were checking out the deer stand I noticed that our friend Norm had made a creative hold-open device for the door, and of course I had to take photos to share.  The wood bar mounted on the door swings out and hooks on top of the green “shield” to hold the door in the open position.  Ingenious!

I’m still on vacation but I’ve come out of the woods, so hopefully I’ll see some interesting applications this week.

In the Hold-Open Position

Hold-Open in the "Stowed" Position Is this place cushy or what?!

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