Yesterday I spent a few hours auditing a class on the Schlage AD-Series Electronic Locks.  If you haven’t seen this lock yet, you should go to the website and take a look.  The whole idea behind it is that it’s adaptable.  You can change the type of credential reader (keypad, mag-stripe, proximity/Smart Card/Multi-Tech reader) , the function (classroom/storeroom, office, apartment, privacy), or even the level of access control (offline, networked, wireless), and the changes can be made without taking the lock off the door.  So you install a stand-alone keypad lock today…tomorrow you can change it to a networked wireless lock with a Smart Card reader, and only the credential reader and inside escutchen need to be replaced.  The rest of the change is accomplished with free firmware.

If you’ve got 1 minute and 18 seconds, watch the video showing how easy it is to change the credential reader on a cylindrical AD lock.  There are lots of other how-to videos on the Schlage-AD channel, and plenty of tools on the Schlage AD-Series website to get you familiar with the product.  Most of my posts are not dedicated to the promotion of an Ingersoll Rand product, so please help me earn my keep by checking out the website and watching at least one of the videos.  🙂

Schlage AD Series

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