Bill ElliottIf you’re new to this blog, you have a little catching up to do.  If you’ve been a loyal reader for a while, you know about “Chip Falcon.”  In a nutshell, I had to take a Falcon 24/25 series exit device on my family’s annual summer road trip last year.  During our travels the exit device became known as “Chip,” and I posted about the trip almost daily.  To my surprise, people really seemed to enjoy reading about Chip’s adventures.

At the end of our trip we knew that Chip needed a special home, so when Bill Elliott started shopping for an exit device to be installed on his local public library, I knew that Chip’s months of living in a cardboard box under my desk were over.  Chip was installed on the Freedom Public Library’s entrance door last month, along with an LCN closer.

Today, Bill called and told me to check out the library’s blog.  Here’s what it says (written by librarian Elizabeth Rhymer):

“We have a new door closer and panic bar at the library’s main entrance thanks to Bill Elliott who used to work in the hardware business.  In case you don’t know, a panic bar is a metal bar on a door that you push on to get out of a building — if there’s a fire and it’s smoky, you won’t have to grope for a door knob, you just push anywhere on the bar and you are out.  Our Fire Chief said we needed to get one for the front door.  The estimates we got to have one installed along with a pneumatic door closer were around $1,000.  Thanks to the generosity of Bill Elliott and the great people at Falcon – the company which made the panic bar – we didn’t have to pay a dime!

The panic bar traveled with an employee of the Falcon company as it made its way to us.  The woman’s children named it “Chip” and Chip was photographed in several places and his travels were posted on the Falcon blog.  Many thanks to Bill Elliott for making this happen!”

And here’s a photo of Bill, Chip, and their friends from the library (L to R): Judy Johnson (Assistant Librarian), Elizabeth Rhymer (Librarian), Anne Cunningham (Library trustee), Bill Elliott, and Peg Scully (Library Trustee):

Freedom Library

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