Hotel Push PullsLuckily, we are safely home and the hotel didn’t catch on fire, but I did take a quick tour of the place before we left.  Almost none of the fire doors that I looked at were code-compliant, and I wasn’t being nitpicky.

The door to our room had spring hinges and would not latch even from the fully-open position.  Even the STAIR DOORS didn’t latch!  The pairs of doors on the ballrooms had astragals which prevented the use of one door until the other door was open.  The coordinators weren’t working properly, so the “wrong” door was able to close first and prevent the other door from closing.  Damaged or defective hardware had been replaced with products that were not acceptable for use on a fire door.

The place is a tragedy waiting to happen, and the hotel is part of a very large family of hotels.  I’ve sent an email and I will escalate it if I don’t get the appropriate response.  I don’t go around reporting every little code issue I see, but I can’t just let this one go.

If you can tear your eyes away from the orange tutu at left, you will notice that these doors separating the ballroom area from the guest rooms have push plates along with a strike and a scalp plate without a latchbolt.  RED ALERT!!

Hotel Strike Hotel Scalp Homemade mag-holder extension. At least they didn't paint the labels, but where's the fire exit hardware? Hotel Pair

Hotel Deadbolt Hotel Stair Loose Screws Exit stair serving the ballroom area...seems like it should have a panic, no? You know it's cold when your iPod ices over!

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