A Naked 4040 CloserBack in the day, before my restaurant choices were based on whether the establishment offered crayons, chicken nuggets, and a giant mouse or talking tree, I used to frequent a local cantina.  The “naked” door closer on their ladies room door drove me nuts, so one night I showed up with a closer cover, screws, and a set of hex wrenches.  As you can probably imagine, they looked at me like I had two heads and made me hand everything over to the bartender.

I see naked closers everywhere, and I was thrilled when LCN came out with the snap-on cover for the 4040 series closers.  I recently did a walk-through with a very experienced hardware installer and he told me how much he loves the new cover.  It makes installation and adjustment much easier, and frankly, if it makes the installers happy, it makes me happy.

There may be facilities that would prefer the traditional (preferably metal) cover due to vandalism / closer-cover-theft, but for many applications it saves time, keeps the door openings looking good, and prevents people from tampering with exposed valves and screws.  You can watch a short video clip about it on LCN’s Youtube Channel.

4040 Snap-On Cover

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