There’s the beef!


we-are-hereWe’re in a beautiful spot in Grassy Cove, Tennessee, on a farm full of Black Angus cattle, Belgian draft horses, and Boer goats.  There’s literally not an exit device around for miles (except Chip, of course), but being surrounded by all of this beef gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about the noticeably “beefier” mechanism case on the new Falcon 24/25 device.

I have never publicly revealed my feelings about the Monarch 18 device, but there was just something disproportional about it.  I work with architects on a daily basis and they often tell me how ugly panic devices are, and ask for alternatives to using them.  I encourage them to see the beauty in panic hardware, but they usually just think I have bad taste.  When panics are required by code there’s not a lot you can do to get around them, so I’m very relieved to have a more proportional device to specify.

Check it out!


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