inpactI recently received this photo from an architect who wanted to use the Von Duprin Inpact devices pictured here on another museum I’m working on.  I’ve used these several times when an architect wanted the panic device powder coated a similar color to the door.  As with LCN closers, Von Duprin panic hardware can be powder coated in a multitude of colors (refer to the Tiger Drylac brochure called RAL Exterior/Interior).

The doors in this photo are designed to open into a pocket and create a visually smooth corridor wall.  There are closers available that can be mounted behind the door in the pocket (LCN 4000T) and there are typically magnetic holders mounted there as well.  It can be difficult to coordinate the pocket size so that it is exactly the right depth to accommodate the closer, holder, and projection of lever trim, but the LCN catalog provides dimensions for various combinations of products.

With all of that said, the first thing that caught my eye in this photo wasn’t the perfectly-matched Inpact device or the almost-invisible closer.  It was the swing-clear hinges that were used to move the doors out of the opening and into alignment with the frame face.  The swing-clear hinges did accomplish that, but left a 2″ gap between the face of the frame and the edge of the door, which interrupts the line of sight down the corridor.

If pocket pivots had been used instead of swing-clear hinges, the gap between the frame face and door edge would be only 5/32″, instead of the approximately 2″ gap created by the swing-clear hinges.  The Ives 91105F pocket pivots can be used on fire-rated doors or non-rated doors, and are available in the same powder coat colors as the Inpact devices and closers, as well as the standard architectural plated finishes.  There is an electrified model available (E91105F-PT), which can be used with Von Duprin electric latch retraction exit devices.

Ives 91105F Pocket Pivots:


Thank you to Jane Zimmerman of Moshe Safdie and Associates for allowing me to post the application photo above.


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