top-boltHere’s a little reminder to make sure you size the top rod correctly when using manual flush bolts on doors that are over 7′ tall.  Most manufacturers offer a top rod that is 12″ (standard), 24″, 36″, or 48″ long.  In this application, I would have probably specified panic hardware on both leaves depending on the door height and vertical rod capabilities, or an automatic flush bolt for the top bolt, which would be projected by the active leaf.  I’m not a big fan of automatic flush bolts, but a 48″ long top rod might not be quite long enough to bring the bolt down to an operable height.  I have also seen hardware suppliers buy threaded rod to increase the top rod length, but at some point the rod gets too long to operate smoothly.

Thank you to Eyal Bedrik and Danny Estryk of Entry Systems Ltd. in Israel for this photo (Entry Systems did NOT supply these doors.).  I love the vest!  😉

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