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Apr 30 2018

I-Team: Faulty Fire Doors Persist Even After Bronx Inferno Killed 13

Category: FDAI,Fire DoorsLori @ 12:13 am Comments (2)

This is what I’ve been saying all along. Why has it taken so many deaths and injuries to get people to pay attention?

NBC New York

2 Responses to “I-Team: Faulty Fire Doors Persist Even After Bronx Inferno Killed 13”


    I agree . This is a troubling situation all over North America . I have been trying to get answers to the lack of qualified fire inspectors. They may know about fires and how they spread, source of ignition etc but most I have encountered know squat about hardware … Their answer when I question them is well it has a UL label. I try to tell them UL Does not mean Fire Rated. Most look to see if the door has a self closing device (spring hinges, door closer) but seldom have the time to test each one. They concentrate on common areas. I understand they are understaffed – they should employ their local locksmith who would know more about hardware and its application than they do.

  2. David Federico says:

    It’s also a problem with property managers who are unwilling to pay for service for professional help. As my company motto states … If you think it’s expensive to hire a Professional… Wait till you hire an Amateur.

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