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Apr 20 2018

FF: Foolproof Dogging

Category: Fixed-it Friday,Panic HardwareLori @ 12:49 am Comments (6)

Before someone else says it…at least this isn’t a fire door.

Thank you to Paul Cernak of Allegion for the photo!

6 Responses to “FF: Foolproof Dogging”

  1. Lach says:

    Not happy with the application, but I still feel better it’s not pad locked on.

  2. David Moyer says:

    At least they painted it and the chain to match the door!

  3. Charlie Hobbs says:

    You did not show the other end of the device. It probably has a dogging hole but they did not know what it was for or did not have an allen wrench

  4. Joel Niemi says:

    Plumbers’ tape is a more elegant solution than duct tape

  5. Gary J. Bakken, AHC says:

    They should move the dogging device down further on the device so that you don’t cut your hand on it or get hung up on the chain. That could be a life and safety hazard…looks like a purse snatcher to me:)


    Necessity …the Mother of Invention. Or in this case try looking in the waste basket for instructions

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